A Clear Channel for Healing

“What is shamanic healing?” Jenna asked, while I massaged her neck. “It is an ancient form of healing, working in the spirit realm.” I say, stating as simple as I can. “For me, every act in life is sacred.” I am so impressed by her response. “So when you work in this way with your clients, they really don’t know what it is your doing? They just feel it?” The majority of people who seek out massage therapy are looking …

Massage for Depression

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”-Seneca- In my 15 years of practice I have seen many people that suffer from depression.  It does not usually make itself known on my intake form initially but as I get closer to my clients they usually confide in me.  Most clients will come for pain relief and leave with an overwhelming sense of peace. It is estimated that 1 in 10 Americans suffer with some form of depression according to …

Honest Answers to Your Massage Questions

“Should I leave my underwear on?” The Million-dollar question. Clients are always draped with the sheet and no private parts are ever exposed. For your benefit as well as mine!  Wear or don’t wear whatever you are comfortable with. It is easier to get to your lower back and hamstrings with no underwear or boxers on but I truly want you to be relaxed.  If this is purely a sports massage than usually shorts and sports bra are worn. “I …


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